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The Author

Welcome to my author's biography page! After learning a little about me here, I hope you also visit my blog page, Michelle's Musings. Topics there mostly handle the writing process, but lately, I've shifted to more personal vignettes as we struggle through this unimaginable year of 2020. For now, I'm posting on the 15th of each month.


I've been writing since my teens when I found it helpful to alleviate some of the stress and frustration I knew growing up in a dysfunctional household. However, I ended up pursuing a career in medicine, probably because of my early exposure to family illness, death, and hospitals. Though there were additional motivating forces, such as a desire to help those in need, I developed an interest in medicine because I wanted it to be less intimidating.


In my career as an Internist, I frequently encountered the darker side of human behavior such as that often associated with addiction and psychopathology, as well as countless other situations fraught with intense emotional ramifications. That exposure, along with my upbringing by a family member tormented with mental illness, planted the seeds for complex characters and imaginative storylines rich with mystery, conflict, and turmoil.


While I enjoyed the problem-solving aspect of Internal Medicine (it's truly like being a detective), writing entries in a medical chart wasn't nearly as stimulating as creating suspense, tension, and intrigue on a blank sheet of paper. Once I reduced my work schedule, I began to write health-related articles promoting wellness and disease prevention. Those articles were published in consumer magazines, including The Monterey Herald's publications, as were human interest articles I wrote to profile members of local communities.


I have a longstanding monthly member profile column for Scribbles, the newsletter for the Central Coast Writers Branch (CCW) of the California Writers Club. As an avid golfer, I contributed anecdotal humor pieces and advice columns to But I found myself drawn to the complexities of human nature and developed a desire to create magical characters living in realistic environments. I set out to write a book by investing time learning the mechanics of novel writing through writing courses, conferences, and self-study. After several iterations over many years, I finally wrote Hide and Seek, a magical realism story about a troubled twelve-year-old girl's hidden ability to communicate with spirits and her quest for redemption and forgiveness after the death of her younger brother.


More recently, I'm exploring creative non-fiction and have pursued writing a collection of personal essays that incorporate my lifelong experience with racism, today's climate of race awareness (or lack thereof), and their correlation with my recently uncovered ancestral lineage. I plan to examine the enigmatic aspects of my heritage (which is comprised of a myriad of unique characters) as I grapple with how I came to exist on this planet.

My writing society memberships include: The Authors Guild; The National League of American Pen Women, Inc.; San Diego Writers, Ink, and the Central Coast Writers Branch of the California Writers Club (


I'm currently revising Hide and Seek and will eventually post a novel excerpt that I hope you will enjoy reading. Someday, I'll also pen a full-fledge memoir—though, in the meantime, I'm gravitating toward shorter snippets in the form of personal essays.