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The Author

Welcome to my new author's biography page! It's been a while since I updated my profile. I'm excited to introduce a fresh page as well as restart my blog, Michelle's Musings, which will address topics of interest to writers. I'll start with a monthly posting, and then go from there. Take a look, and chime in.


A little about me: I've been writing since my teens; however, I ended up pursuing a career in Internal Medicine. As an Internist, I was often confronted with the darker side of human behavior, particularly in the arenas of addiction and psychopathology, as well as countless other situations with intense emotional ramifications. That exposure, along with my upbringing in a family tormented with mental illness, planted the seeds for intriguing characters and storylines rich with conflict and turmoil.


While I enjoy the problem-solving aspect of Internal Medicine (it's truly like being a detective), writing entries in a medical chart isn't nearly as stimulating as creating suspense and tension in settings of turmoil. After several years of practicing medicine, I reduced my work schedule and pursued writing.

My first novel, Hide and Seek, which I'm still revising, is a magical realism story about a troubled twelve-year-old girl's newfound ability to communicate with spirits and her quest for redemption and reunion with her deceased brother.


I've also written numerous health-related articles promoting wellness and disease prevention for consumer magazines, including The Monterey Herald's magazine publications. I've written human interest articles profiling members of local communities. As an avid golfer, I've contributed anecdotal pieces and advice columns to And I continue to write a member profile column for Scribbles, the monthly newsletter for the Central Coast Writers Branch (CCW) of the California Writers Club.

My writing society memberships include: The Authors Guild; The National League of American Pen Women, Inc.; San Diego Writers, Ink, and the Central Coast Writers Branch of the California Writers Club (


Stay tuned: One of these days I'll post an excerpt from my novel that I hope you will enjoy reading.