Michelle L. Smith

Freelance Writer, Novelist, Humorist

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October 27, 2007. Keynote speaker at the Coalition of Scholarship Organizations' second annual high school and college information forum. Theme: Motivating Students to Reach Their Goals.

The Oldemeyer Center, Seaside, California.



2008 San Francisco Writers Conference held at the Mark Hopkins hotel in February.

Photo taken by Cheri Eplin
Author Michelle Smith receives advice from Teresa LeYung Ryan, Author and Manuscript Consultant/Career Coach for Writers.

Photo taken by Cheri Eplin
Conference attendees listen in earnest at one of several guest speaker sessions held at the hotel.

Photo taken by Cheri Eplin
Michelle Smith dines at the Nob Hill Cafe with guest lecturers and members of the publishing industry, along with the famous San Francisco Twins.


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