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Michelle's Musings

A Room with a View?

What constitutes your ideal writing space? What gets you in the mood to write?


By the title of this blog post, you probably guessed that I like having a view, preferably one of nature--something to take my mind away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. I'm also one of those writers who needs peace and quiet in order to focus. I'm in awe of those who can write in whichever location they drop themselves.


Until recently, peace and quiet meant the absence of music, even that which I usually find soothing. However, when I started my latest novel revision, I needed something to put me into the mood of the scene I was working on. I tried tuning to classical or "spa" music at a low volume and found it to be an effective tool that quickly changes the tone of my environment and allows me to immerse myself into the scene in front of me.


Not every writer has the luxury to set up an ideal environment conducive to boundless creativity. For some, their dedicated writing space is a cluttered kitchen corner with the only view being that of a laptop screen. But many a great novel has been written this way.


I'm curious what other writers do to make their space their own. What sets the tone for you so you can peck away with abandon?

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