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Michelle's Musings

Time for a New Pair of Shoes?

As the close of 2020 nears, I find myself contemplating the sense of renewal that accompanies the start of a New Year, particularly in light of the recent presidential election. Whatever your desired outcome, the results signal the advent of change.


Over the last several years, I've repeatedly heard it said, "This isn't who we are" in reference to overt racist acts and the pervasive divisiveness that has infected our nation as well as the lack of empathy and humanity on the part of many of our leaders. I've also heard the retort, "This is exactly who we are." I agree with both statements.


While it has been upsetting to witness some of the ugliest aspects of human nature and see that behavior sanctioned by very powerful people, I look forward to a collective raising of our consciousness that will, hopefully, reunite us all as Americans.


In the spirit of renewal, this might be a good time to step outside your comfort zone and walk for a bit in a different pair of shoes, contemplating what can be done to heal this country and bring light to darkness. It might also be a good time to bring a piece of writing out from under the pile of set-asides and breathe life back into it. Or you might want to start an entirely new project, maybe even tackle a subject in which you are not well-versed, but one in which you've maintained a latent interest. The latter means doing some research, but it's never a bad thing to broaden one's repertoire of knowledge.


While expanding one's horizons should be a wonderful jumpstart to inspire creativity, renewed contemplation might also help unify this nation. May you and your loved ones stay safe this holiday season and find your hearts filled with grace and gratitude.

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