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Michelle's Musings

Pandemic Pause

The Covid-19 pandemic is on everyone's mind. With most of the nation subject to stay-at-home guidelines, I feel fortunate to have my writing to keep me occupied. Without it, I would go stir-crazy, as I'm sure is the case for many.


We've all heard would-be writers lament the fact that they have a book idea they've been wanting to get down on paper but lack the time to do so. Well, this is a prime opportunity to replace texting and liking with reading and writing. Make no mistake, social media can prove invaluable during these times of shuttering ourselves in domestic confinement. But why not consider ditching the smart phone for a bit and doing something creative, whether it's painting or writing or learning to play an instrument? Why not suggest to those would-be writers that they read books about the craft of writing as a start?


There's an added bonus to pursuing that longstanding passion during this difficult period: Time spent enriching the mind means less time spent standing in front of the fridge!


Hang in there, and happy creating!

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