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Michelle's Musings

Make it Happen

In my last post (April 15), I suggested that, as writers, we might encourage others to take up the craft during this time of social distancing. We all know someone who's been "dying" to write a book about something. I think those sentiments are earnest for the most part but hampered, in many cases, by the inability to get past go. I suggested a good start would be to read about the craft of writing.


Of course, that recommendation applies to other avenues of creation. And there are plenty of online resources out there for the novice in just about any subject one can imagine. How about learning the basics of watercolor painting, or going after that degree you've been planning to pursue or complete? Personally, I've been experimenting with low-calorie, low-carb baking, and I've referred to online video instruction to learn how to "twist" my hair into a BIG curly look that is all the rage these days.


More recently, I participated in two Zoom video conferences, the first led by a guest speaker organized by one of my writers organizations. The other was a reading session with six authors arranged by my alma mater's alumnae association. I finally understand how folks have virtual cocktail parties, concerts, and simultaneous movie screenings. The process was fun and efficient.


We are an innovative society. We can pretty much accomplish anything if we put our minds to it. If you write regularly but are looking for a stimulating diversion, why not make the most of your stay-at-home mandate by exploring what it is you've "always wanted to do" (besides write)? No better time than the current one to make it happen!

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